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IV Hydration Therapy

Recover. Rejuvenate.Replenish.

Our expert RN team of an Anesthesia Provider and Cardiac ICU RN provide optimal nutritional IV therapy to deliver essential nutrients and hydrating fluids to your body quickly to result in 100% absorption of nutrients directly into the bloodstream. Replenish you body's needed essential electrolytes and nutrients with a variety of drips for optimal health and wellness. ​​IV expertise you can count on. 

Running Shoes

Recovery and Performance: Enhance & Metabolism

IV Nutrient Infusion Formula to decrease Recover Time & Enhance your Performance

Ascorbic Acid I  Vita Complex I Amino Blend I Mineral Blend- 

Clifftop Yoga

Myer's Cocktail: Wellness

Our Signature IV to enhance several vitamins and minerals that are lacking on a daily basis to achieve our best wellness

Splash of Water

Quench: Hydrate and Energy

IV nutrient infusion formula to hydrate and combat fatigue

Ascorbic Acid,  Vita Complex & Mineral Blend

Image by Ivan Aleksic

Relief and Reboot

Packed with vitamins, minerals, medications and Fluids to restore your body to overcome hangover symptoms, nausea and dehydration quickly 

-Ondansetron I Olympia Vita Complex I Olympia Mineral Blend





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